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Water Education & Research Centre

Water Education Research Centre 3D Visual

3D Visual of the Water Education & Research Centre

The Water Education & Research Centre was a theoretical project carried out as part of the BA (Hons) Architecture course at Manchester School of Architecture. As the principal project of the third and final year of the course, the Water Education & Research Centre provided the perfect oportunity to bring together and showcase techniques learned during the Part I of my architectural training.

The new Water Education and Research Centre in East Manchester was conceived as a combined museum and research facility designed to raise awareness of issues relating to water on a local and global scale.

Utilising naturally-available rainwater and surface water in the site, the entire building water management strategy from capture and storage to manipulation and redistribution is presented in a ‘transparent’ fashion to the general public to raise awareness of the problems of existing water management practices, and to demonstrate the potential of naturally-available water in all of aspects of the performance of a building.

Perspective Section through Water Education Research Centre

Perspective Section through Museum Space

Design Response

The proposed Water Education and Research Centre captures and utilises water in ways visible to the visitor in order to raise awareness of common design downfalls, and demonstrate its potential in all aspects of the building. Rainwater harvesting and permeable surfaces fulfil the water demands of the building, while helping to reduce storm water and surface water run-off. Excess water is allowed to permeate the ground, much as it was able to do before any intervention on the site.

South Elevation Rendering along M40 Motorway

South Elevation along M40 Motorway


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