A collection space for my personal and professional works, as a portfolio, a curriculum vitae and as a personal record for myself.


The New Website Launch

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The New Website Launch

A very warm welcome to the new website. I have envisioned the site as a new ‘collection space’, in which I intend to bring together and publish my personal and professional works – past, present and future – as a portfolio, a curriculum vitae, and a personal record for myself. As it turns out, a project can often take longer to present than it takes to complete.  As such, the following space is the culmination of years of work started 15 years ago. However, despite the undertaking, it brings me immense satisfaction to finally have a ‘safe’ place in which my work can live on, as hard-discs slow and refuse to spin, and sketchbooks and portfolios slowly disappear to dust. You may even find some works here that have never before seen the light of day.

The new website features a full collection of projects: architectural, modelmaking & graphic design from the professional, academic and social sphere, combining commercial work with side projects and organisation of community events. The addition of content is an on-going process. As such, you will have to be patient while everything is uploaded organised and published. There is still much to do.

One thing that frustrated me hugely throughout my studies was the inaccessibility of materials and tools essential in the advancement of study of architecture, both in the academic and professional world. I remember wasting hours on end scouring the internet for a simple image to aid the presentation of a project. It saddens me to witness the greater and greater privatisation of everyday tools and resources used in the architecture field. I believe that every creator stands on the shoulders of giants, and that every creation has been made possible by the groundwork laid by others in their creations. As such, I believe it is vital to make available and share ideas and knowledge to aid future progress and creation, and avoid wasting the time of future designers in the way that time is wasted today.

For this reason, I have begun to compile a library of useful items (CAD files, vector images, maps, etc.) to aid current and future designers and architects. Naturally, all of my creations are 100% free to download, and I will be delighted to share the relevant files if they can be of use to others. Just drop me a message with your name, profession and your requirements. I like to know in what manner I have assisted. If you require any higher definition images or vector format of anything you see, drop me a message.

I welcome any questions/ feedback you may have. Please leave a comment on the relevant page, or send me a message through the contact area of the website, and I will do my best to respond to you when I can. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy exploring the collection.

Happy browsing.

Jack Richardson Architecture & Design is a freeform, UK-based, architectural design, modelmaking and graphic design outfit, specialising in technical drawing, prototyping, graphical detailing and 3D model presentation.


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