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Live it, Love it, Lincoln


I was approached to produce a promotional poster for the opening event of the newly formed Pecha Kucha organisation in Lincoln, UK.

For the first event of the new series, named ‘Love It, Live It, Lincoln’, the organisation invited speakers from the local community to speak on a range of diverse subjects.

The design brief, largely open to artistic license, asked for visual reference to the range of topics covered in the talks, as well as to current events happening in Lincoln at the time.


March 13, 2010


Pecha Kucha, meaning “chit chat” in Japanese, is a quickfire ‘show and tell’ form of presentation created in 2003 by two renowned architects in Japan as a means to communicate design ideas to a client in a condensed and effective format. The format, “20 x 20”, permits 20 image slides, with 20 seconds of commentary for each slide- a total of 400 seconds to tell your story.

The newly-created Lincoln branch of the international Pecha Kucha organisation, wanting to start strongly on its first event, planned the event on a theme personal to the city itself.

The opening event, ‘Live it, Love it, Lincoln’ sought to provide a commentary of the present day Lincoln, the current status of the city. Future events would then seek to show how the city moves into the future.

Bringing together a number of speakers from the local community, the organisation invited professionals from diverse backgrounds to showcase their work and interest in Lincoln today.  Topics of discussion ranged from music, design, illustration, 1940s fashion, cycling, herbal medicine and comedy.

My personal response to the brief was to create a poster quintessentially Lincoln in the year 2015, with references to local landmarks, the Red Arrows, & Cycling, whilst breaking with traditional styles common in such a historic place. The final design is an explosion of colour and movement, a gesture to a city moving forward.


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