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Matt Montez
Artist Promotional Material


I was approached by British folk artist, Matt Montez, to produce the promotional imagery for the release of a new album and tour.

With the release of a new album, the client wished to create a unifying look for the duo, to distinguish themselves from the plethora of other artists with whom they share the folk music scene.

The design brief set down required that the new design make reference to the artist’s music, its earthly, natural connections and its uplifting message, using unique imagery suitable to the style of music.


March 13, 2010


Growing in recognition on the British folk scene, Matt Montez tours nationally appearing at many UK festivals, including Boomtown Fair, Beat-Herder, The Green Gathering, Boardmasters and Buddhafield, as well as internationally at Quest Festival (Vietnam), 420 Festival (Cambodia), Landjuweel Festival (NE), Nimbin Roots Festival (AUS) and Jam Festival (DE).

Matt Montez is a folk musician duo playing a vibrant mixture of roots and alternative acoustic, with hints of folk and reggae beats. The music, for the most part, is influenced by a nomadic lifestyle and connecting with nature, with a positive uplifting message. The business card had to reflect the feel of the music and vibe that it brings.

I have attempted to capture this vibe in the design of the business card through the natural imagery of trees, roots, and birds, the roots to signify the earthly connection to the music, and the birds to reflect the uplifting message that the music brings. The design is brought together in the form of a brain, a tribute to the conscious music he performs.

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