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Hanley Castle Sixth Form Centre

3D Visualisation of the Proposed Sixth Form Centre

In April 2015, I began work with PR Associates on the design of a new £1.4 million Sixth Form Centre at Hanley Castle High School in Worcestershire.

The new sixth form centre, made possible with a £1.2 million grant from the ‘Condition Improvement Fund’, part of the Government’s Education Funding Agency, accommodates the school’s sixth form facilities, which include spacious classrooms, a large common room, a fully-equipped library, independent study rooms and a state of the art IT hub.

The scope of the project included the removal of an existing mobile classroom to build a new state-of-the-art Sixth Form centre for the school. Construction of the project, which began in October 2015 took just under 12 months to complete and officially opened in September 2016.

3D Visualisation of Rear Elevation across school field

The building is accessed through a centrally-located entrance to a central foyer/ stairway area, from which the visitor can directly access the classroom, meeting room, IT hub and WC areas, as well as the first floor area.

The main staircase brings the visitor directly to the first floor landing space above from which the common room and study areas, as well as staff areas are located.

Ground Floor Plan Layout

The entire first floor level is comfortably accommodated beneath a complex, steeply-sloping, hipped roof space, the lowest point of which maintains a clear headroom of 2.1m throughout.

At the focal point of the centre, the large, upstairs, open plan common room provides a place for students to relax and study in a bright, modern environment. A large glazed curtain wall looking out onto the school fields bathes the space in generous amounts of daylight, even on overcast days.

Upstairs common room area

Connected to the common room area, a first floor balcony provides additional circulation to the ground floor via two external staircases. The open air balcony also provides a space for sixth form students to take a breath of fresh air, and support their peers at sports events held on the sports pitches below…

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