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Prince Henry’s Language Block

3D Visualisation of Proposed Language Block

In May 2014, I began work with PR Associates on the design of a new £1.9 million multi-storey language block at Prince Henrys High School in Evesham. The new block, named ‘The Grove’, is designed to house the school’s English and Modern Language departments and built to replace the ageing single storey build that occupied the same footprint.

The new language block, made possible with a cash injection from the Education Finance Agency’s ‘Academies Capital Maintenance Fund’ for 2014/15, allowed the existing school classroom arrangement to be formalised. In addition to the existing single storey block, the existing mobile classrooms could be demolished, and everything comfortably accommodated within the new building.

Construction of the project, which began in December 2014 took just over 12 months to complete and officially opened in January 2016.


Project Overview

The new extension block comprises a total of 12 state of the art classrooms, an enhanced office space, a new ICT server room, a redeveloped new front entrance and a large open space foyer.

The main entrance to the block is located on the upper level at the west side of the building, while the lower level opens out to the rear courtyard (East) by means of two flights of stairs. The impact of the West Elevation is minimised to appear as a single storey by means of dropped eaves. On the lower level, the rear elevation towers a full 3-storeys above the courtyard space with more striking visual impact.

West Elevation

East Elevation

Designed across a split-level site, the foundations incorporate the existing retaining wall of the former building, combining them with new strip foundations for the 3-storey building. The superstructure of the building comprises a steel frame with concrete block infill…

Language Block Construction Visual Timeline

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