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Spatial Program Model

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The Spatial Program model was constructed to aid the design development of the Water Education and Research Centre.

Moving into the advanced stage of the project, I sought to introduce the idea of information/energy into the programme of the building to influence the development of the program, the functional performance of the building, and the connection of spaces to one another.

This was achieved by the combination of two developed diagrams of spatial layout and the original Concept Model. The first was the basis to the spatial arrangement of the facility, arranged in blocks. The second was the information/ energy flow diagram resulting from the previous stage of the project.

The result was the breaking of the rigid structure of spaces to allow for greater vertical connection between spaces, and horizontal connection through shared space and circulation.






April 13, 2008


The principal materials used in the construction of the model are a thick card/mountboard, white plastic coated wire, plastic square sections, and a base of card mountboard over an MDF base.

The wire structural sections can be constructed using the method used in the production of the Concept Model.

The model is constructed floor plate by floor plate using white mountboard, employing basic partition screens/walls of uniform height to break the individual spaces, whilst leaving the structure free of external walls.

Once the desired spatial layout is mapped upon the floor plates, the process of adding the plastic tubular structure is started. Level by level, the structure is superimposed and each floor plate is removed and cut to allow the wire structure to penetrate each floor plate. Once cut the floor plates are re-placed in their original position, and fixed.

As a final step the structural elements are fed through the voids in the structure and fixed in their final position.

Spatial Program Model


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