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Sectional Model

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The Sectional Model was constructed as a study in vertical program/ spatial development for the Water Education and Research Centre.

The construction of a sectional model provided the necessary insight into the vertical spatial arrangement of the building, asking questions regarding the depth of the structure and scale of the necessary excavation needed, as well as the position of voids and double height spaces across the central axis to permit sufficient daylighting to the deeper spaces

The model was a direct superimposition of the original two-dimensional spatial diagram, before a real idea of the spatial layout had been decided. As such, questions remained to be asked of the nature of the internal spaces, and connection to each other, but the diagram serves to illustrate a hierarchy of depth and vertical separation, aiding the overall circulation strategy for the facility.






April 14, 2008


The principal materials used in the construction of the model are transparent acryllic, white plastic coated wire and ribbon sections, and sheet mountboard over an MDF base.

The model comprises two distinct models, separated by a transparent acrylic screen for easy comparison. The first is the existing topography of the original site. The second is the construction of a section through the central spaces of the building.

The 3D topography diagram is constructed from a single cured piece of gypsum plaster. A simple mould was designed using details taken from the Ordnance Survey, and constructed usng rigid cardboard, firmly fixed to an mdf base, and sealed with PVA glue. The mixture of plaster of paris was poured and left to cure or 24 hours.

The second model was constructed using strips of card mountboard of uniform thickness and mounted directly to the transparent acrylic screen using strong transparent glue so that the mounted floor plates are suspended in space.

The contrast between solid mass of the topography and the slender nature of the construction lends a beauty to this model.

Sectional Model


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